Clearing The Mind For Writing

How do you prepare for a studio session when you’re producing music? Do you dive right in and get started? Do you do some stretches? Deep breathing? Yoga?

I walk. I love walking, especially during autumn. The leaves are late turning this year, but over this past week the foliage really started becoming beautiful. I walk a mile before I start in the studio for the day. I also make sure I take a 15-minute walk break every hour. I love being in the studio, but it’s easy to get carried away. After four hours of that, someone has to carry me away.

Sometimes when I’m walking, I put the AirPods in and listen to anything motivational/inspirational. Favorites are Earl Nightingale and Norman Vincent Peale. Often they give me a needed mental boost to dive into my work once I get back to the studio. Other times I just listen to nature when I’m walking, especially in the morning. I find there’s something about stimulating all of the senses before composing music that seems to unleash the creative flow. Taking those fifteen-minute breaks every hour helps refresh both the mind and the ear, readying me for another one-hour session of writing, mixing, or recording.

How do you prepare yourself for your writing?