How I Price My Tracks

There are different philosophies on how to price audio tracks when it comes to music licensing. I know of some composers that price their tracks on the high end, feeling the higher price increases the perceived value.

I take a different approach. While I certainly don’t sell myself short, I’m looking at the long term game. I feel it’s best to provide good quality tracks at a reasonable price so they will be sold and used. Then over the coming years, I will be earning money on the royalties they generate. The more tracks out there generating royalties, the better my income will be. More importantly, the more tracks out there, the more my music is enhancing and supporting the films, TV shows, commercials, and podcasts/videos they’re synced with. This benefits both the producers of that material as well as me.

I choose to sacrifice a bit on the original selling price and instead focus on what those tracks can do on a long-term basis. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments.