Growing By Learning

How long have you been composing for production music? I started writing music as a young child, but started pursuing a career in production music in 2015. The most important thing I’ve learned over the past six years is that there is always something to learn. I really believe that not learning something new about our craft every day does a disservice to those we serve and to ourselves.

Music libraries depend on us to help them supply their clients with fresh, high-quality tracks. Learning something every day helps us deliver that music to them. I’ve always found it very easy to get comfortable in a style and write things that come easily to me, but that soon gets boring and uninspiring and puts me in a rut. But let me watch a video or read a music library blog and take away a small morsel of knowledge that I didn’t know or think of before, and I soon find myself excitedly reaching for musical elements I never thought of.

I now make it a point to learn something about music production and licensing every day. That knowledge comes in the form of networking with other composers, keeping up with industry trends, and studying what other successful composers are doing.

What an exciting time to be in the business we’re in with so much information so readily available. If you’ve recently learned something that changed the way you approach and create production music, I’d like to hear about it in the comments.

Till next time…