Single Tracks Or Albums?

I know we live in the era of playlists and individual tracks, but is there still something to be said of the album or collection? I think so.

In the past, I would write single tracks at a time. Then when I had enough of them to pitch, I would submit them to a music library (after doing my homework and research on the library of course). While this worked and gave moderately decent results, lately I’ve changed course. I’m now working on two 10-track themed compilations that I’ll be sending to music libraries and music supervisors. Many library sites offer albums, so it seems logical to pitch an idea for an album to them, especially if the theme is fresh and in alignment with the album themes they currently offer.

So far I’m liking this approach and I feel it gives two distinct advantages. First, it causes me to focus on what I’m writing. Creating ten usable, versatile, and easily-editable tracks in a theme while keeping each track sounding fresh really requires cranking up the creative juices. Second, and this is equally important, I think it will give the library a product that will be of good use to its clients. A cohesive whole as opposed to a bunch of single tracks scattered all over the place.

Since I’m currently in the process, all I have is my theory about this. Time will tell if my hunch pays off, but in the meantime, it sure is fun coming up with themes, producing usable tracks, designing cover art, and researching libraries to submit to when the projects are finished.

What do you think? If you’re a composer, music library, or music supervisor, I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts.