And Suddenly It’s Gone

After a brief end-of-year hiatus from both blogging and writing, I’m pleased to present my first piece for 2018. I’m often asked where the titles of my songs come from since there are no lyrics, and the answer is that after I’m done writing and recording, a title just seems to find the song. A phrase or word will just match the feel of what I tried to create. Sometimes it’s a date. This piece features layered piano tracks and a cello.

A Music Box Memory

I think all of us have music box memories. I don’t mean in the literal sense, but figuratively speaking. What’s a music box memory? Music boxes are nostalgic. A vivid memory of mine is that of being a young child and being rewarded by my grandmother by allowing me to listen to her old-fashioned music boxes. They were delicate sounding, and I loved to hear them. To this day, any time I hear a music box, it brings me back to a simpler, less complicated time. A music box memory.

Blog and song, “A Music Box Memory” © 2017 Loren Robert DiGiorgi.

Hymn Of Solace

Days are getting shorter, with the curtain of night falling earlier and earlier and bringing the day to an end. A busy season is right ahead, and the news of the world lately has been enough to trip up even the most resilient among us. These are the thoughts I was thinking this past Tuesday (October 31) when I wrote this song. Everyone can use some solace right about now.

A Wishing Well

It’s been a cold and rainy weekend, so I’ve been in my studio composing and recording the whole time. I put the finishing touches on Symphony of Life and got it submitted. Today I did two piano pieces: Rainy Sunday, and A Wishing Well. Rainy Sunday was sent off to a music library, while I haven’t made up my mind yet what to do with A Wishing Well. I may just release it as a digital single for streaming and download. I can make that decision later after I listen to it a while. In the meantime, enjoy!

Symphony of Life

Several recent listings were wanting original orchestral classical pieces. I wrote a total of three of them: “Concerto for Piano & Orchestra in A Major,” “Grand Palace Waltz,” and the final and most recent one, “Symphony of Life, which I now present here. I started writing it on 10/25/17 and finished it up last night (10/27/17). Just finished the copyright registration and am posting the piece here for the first time.

Symphony of Life © 2017 Loren Robert DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.

Icicles In Spring

I compose a lot of music for listing briefs, which are calls for music in a certain style or that reflects a certain feel. Lately there have been calls for Christmas music, but there have also been a lot of calls for somber piano pieces. I jump at those because piano is my instrument and I love when the goal is to evoke a certain mood.

Here is the latest piano solo I wrote, a piece called Icicles In Spring.

© Icicles In Spring ©2017 Loren Robert DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.

Silent Reflections

I’ve been doing a lot of composing in the Romantic era lately. Maybe it’s my escape from the daily news of a world going evermore dark by the minute. Music always has been a form or escape in one way or another, hasn’t it? Sometimes when a piece of music has a pretty melody and kindles up a warm and comfortable feeling, for a brief moment that’s the world that exists.

Silent Reflections © 2017 Loren DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.