Silent Reflections

I’ve been doing a lot of composing in the Romantic era lately. Maybe it’s my escape from the daily news of a world going evermore dark by the minute. Music always has been a form or escape in one way or another, hasn’t it? Sometimes when a piece of music has a pretty melody and kindles up a warm and comfortable feeling, for a brief moment that’s the world that exists.

Silent Reflections © 2017 Loren DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.

A Composer’s Life

This week was a busy one, with a total of 8 new songs and cues being composed and recorded. I write every day, regardless of what else is going on. Even if I can only spend a few minutes on it, I make sure I get some writing and production done.

Here is a playlist of what I’ve done this week. It’s an eclectic mix of some solo piano, hybrid, electronic, etc., all written for various applications and listing.  Enjoy!


The days are beginning to go to sleep sooner. Each day, the curtain goes down a few minutes earlier, and we settle in to a life where the nights get longer and colder. “Sunset” was written last fall at this time. I remember looking out the window and noticing it was already dark out, and that inspired the song.

Sunset © 2016 Loren Robert DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.


Even though the daytime temperatures have been hot as we reach the end of September, the nights are still cooling down nicely. There is plenty of cool dew on the grass in the early morning before the sun warms everything up again. It’s all very quiet and beautiful. This song was written in the fall of 2016.

“Dew” © 2016 Loren Robert DiGiorgi. All rights reserved.