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I am a composer of music for music, film, and general release. I work in multiple genres and have produced classical, jazz, rock, electronic, chill, orchestral, dreampop, synthpop, and industrial. Currently I have songs signed with several music libraries in the UK and Canada.

As a child, and long before I knew what a prepared piano was, I used to lay objects on the strings of our grand piano to alter its sound.  Around that time we had a 4-channel Webcor reel-to-reel tape recorder that did sound on sound. I used to sit for hours manipulating the tape to create different sounds and pieces.  I’d make tape loops, cut pieces of tape up and randomly splice them back together, flip them so they played backwards, etc.

Today I love to sample everyday sound with the technology that allows us to do that, and blend these newly discovered “instruments” with the more traditional instruments I’ve played all my life.

All composing, recording, and producing is done in my home studio from initial concept to mixdown and mastering. Technology allows me to do a lot of mobile production work now also, with the advent of advanced music production apps available for mobile devices.

Inquiries about music licensing or commissioning me for custom music may be made by contacting me through my contact page.

Thank you for your interest.