Only As The Mind Sees

What comes first, the title or the song?

In my case, it’s the song. Always. I never even consider the title before I’m done with it, because I’ve found that if I pick a title in advance, it starts altering the creative process. Instead of going with what’s flowing, I start making a conscious effort to write to the title.

So my MO for the past several decades has been to write a song and then listen to it. It always conjures up a feeling or emotion, and the title springs from that. Sometimes they make sense to me, while other times they don’t. This song is one example. I’m thinking about what I really mean when by “only as the mind sees,” and the closest thing I can come up with is that loosely translates into “whatever it is that you’re thinking.” That would be too long a title, though. 🙂

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